The leader in photo-realistic concept visualization remains a boutique studio.

In an industry where clients can easily become a number associated with a purchase order, Renhaus Visualization Studio is yet again taking a different approach. Our boutique studio specializes in keeping each project personal to ensure it receives the highest level of quality while giving our clients the satisfaction of knowing their projects are our top priority. When you come to Renhaus you know you will receive personalized customer service and the utmost of quality.


Please tour our galleries to see for yourself the level of detail we bring to each visualization. In addition to our artists experience and quality of work, we are continually updating our hardware and software to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of visualization technology. This guarantees that your project is ahead of your competition and enables you to bring out the details that make your concept stand out from the rest.

Chris Courtemanche - Founder

With a degree in Industrial Design and over 15 years experience in the marketing/event industries, Chris has the knowledge and experience necessary to accurately visualize a wide range of concepts. His talents have landed numerous international awards within the design industry for excellence and service. He understands what catches a potential consumers eye in a product or user experience and has the ability to convey that within each concept visualization.

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