By Lauren Matthews | TOPIC: Event Innovators 2013 After eight years in event design and production, Chris Courtemanche, 30, realized how vital it was to share an accurate vision to clients. So in 2010, he launched his Los Angeles based 3-D, interactive rendering studio, with a focus on creating C.G.I. visualizations for events that previously relied heavily on hand sketches and mood boards. Using high-end software typically used in architecture, Courtemanche offers a realistic, 360-degree look at how budgets can be allocated for brands like Samsung. In 2012 his client base doubled, and so far in 2013, the company’s renderings have assisted in securing more than $3 million in projects. "The event industry is finally moving out of the 2-D world," he says. "A few years ago, renderings were optional in proposals, but now they’ve become a requirement."



The real estate industry has used virtual tours as an online sales tool for years. Now planners are embracing the technology as a way to scout venues, develop layouts, and see ideas come to life on their computer screens. Check out these options, including self-service 3-D renderings and elaborate interactive models.

Marriott Selects Renhaus for Renderings - 2013

Marriott Selects Renhaus for Renderings

We are excited to share that we have been selected to provide the interior design renderings for the national re-design of Marriott Residence Inn. Our level of quality and expertise gave us the opportunity but our competitive pricing and extremely quick turn around times made this an easy decision for Marriott. We are looking forward to working with their designers and visualizing the future of Residence Inn.

Renhaus Global Reach - 2012

Renhaus Global Reach - 2012

Keeping our roots grounded and resisting the temptation to grow beyond a "boutique studio" has been a slight battle over the years - however - our reach continues to expand on a global level. We want to thank our worldwide partners who continue to bring us project after project and to all of our clients, we promise to keep each and every project a one-on-one personal experience.

(Above) - Map of Renhaus’ global reach.

House of Hennessy - NFL Super Bowl

Hennessy Event Rendering

Using the exact floor plan from the venue, Renhaus was able to build out the rendering to spec which gave Hennessy an unprecedented look at their event before it ever existed.

(Above Left) - The event rendering provided to Hennessy for client approval. (Above Right) - The actual event for House of Hennessy at the NFL Super Bowl in Dallas, Texas.

Cambre Products - Website Updates

Cambre Products chose Renhaus for their product renderings which are displayed on their packaging as well as their website. They take advantage of being able to easily and cost effectively update their marketing material through the use of renderings.

(Above) - A snapshot from the Cambre Products website displaying product renderings by Renhaus.

The Cost of a Photo Shoot

Imagine being able to bypass the exhaustive process of building fragile prototypes, securing a venue, praying for good weather or even negotiating with an expensive photographer. The cost of a photo shoot goes well beyond the physical dollar especially when you consider the time, anxiety, and variables involved. Renderings offer you, and your client, the ability to nearly instantaneously change lighting, materials, textures and backgrounds; something that would take weeks or months to do in the physical world.

(Above) - Cambre Products of Canada present their new packaging to Best Buy which feature renderings by Renhaus.

The Importance of an Accurate Visual

By now you are likely aware of how difficult it can be to sign on a new customer or client. The majority of the time there is only one chance to capture their attention before they move on; even then that opportunity may only last a few seconds. If and when you are given that opportunity it is imperative you make use of ever second you are given.

This is exactly why it is so important to use quality concept visuals. If your potential customer doesn’t visualize the idea exactly as you do, they may miss it altogether. When facing the decision of who you are going to hire to accurately portray your concept, make sure you don't settle for collage board and hand sketches. Your concept visual will ultimately represent your brand as well as your confidence in your product. The saying goes, "If you won't invest in yourself, why should I?"

Changes. Changes. Changes.

Concepts are just that, concepts. There will always be changes throughout the design process, which is something to keep in mind when creating a timeline. Even the most finalized of concepts will see iterations to colors, textures, lighting, etc. When working on your next project keep in mind that there will always, always, be changes.

This is when I tell you, "don’t worry, you are now in the 3 dimensional world of CGI". Computer-Generated Imagery. You no longer need to worry about waiting days for a drawing to be revised or re-sketched. We have the ability to make changes in minutes so you have a revised proof in hours, not days or weeks.

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